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Adams, Tennessee

Adams is a hidden gem in northern Tennessee. With a population of just 700, this small town boasts historical significance and a passionate commitment to preserving its heritage. Step back in time as you explore the town’s rich history, dating back to the early 19th century when pioneers first settled here. 

Immerse yourself in the captivating legend that haunts Adams – the Bell Witch. Experience the supernatural occurrences and hauntings that gripped the Bell family in the early 1800s. Take the chance to visit the legendary Bell Witch Cave, a site believed to be connected to this chilling tale, captivating tourists and intriguing visitors from far and wide.

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Junk Removal in Adams, TN

Decluttering your home in Adams has always been challenging. Hauled Off Junk Removal, a trusted family-owned business is here to simplify your life. Our extensive range of services meets your needs, whether you require immediate removal or assistance decluttering your attic. With our team of skilled experts, you can trust efficient and reliable service. Take back your space and turn it into something more practical. Don’t delay any further – reach out to Hauled Off Junk Removal today and discover the transformative difference we can make in your life.

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Clear your home of clutter and transform it effortlessly this season! Discover Hauled Off Junk Removal’s exceptional services in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. Our expert team is trained to quickly remove old furniture, unused appliances, and household mess, giving you a stress-free and environmentally-friendly space. Experience a warm and inviting sanctuary right in your own home – satisfaction guaranteed.

hauled off Junk removal service in Adams
hauled off Junk removal service in Adams

hauled off! - What We Offer

Whether it’s a cluttered garage or a large commercial project, we’ve got you covered. With our competitive rates and commitment to surpassing customer expectations, we make every job manageable. Rest assured that we efficiently remove items and responsibly donate, recycle, or dispose of them, making us the top choice for cleanouts. Offering a wide range of services and a dedication to the environment, Hauled Off Junk Removal is the ultimate solution for junk removal in Clarksville, Tennessee.

hauled off! - What We Offer

Discover a better way to handle property demolition. Say goodbye to hassles, high expenses, and wasted time. Montgomery County residents, look no further than Hauled Off Junk Removal for all your light demolition needs. Our expert team is here to make your project a breeze. Contact us today and experience a cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

hauled off Junk removal service in Adams

What Do We Haul

Pretty much anything else!

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Get rid of your junk hassle-free with Hauled Off Junk Removal, the top-rated service in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our family-owned and operated business has served the community for years, providing exceptional service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. From junk removal to estate cleanouts, we offer various services to meet your needs. We specialize in hoarding cleanup, helping restore your home to a safe and livable condition. Count on us for one-time or recurring jobs – we’re always here for you.

  • Family-owned and locally operated
  • Licensed
  • Quality service
  • Wide-range of services
  • Eco-friendly
Get rid of your junk hassle-free with Hauled Off Junk Removal, the top-rated service in Clarksville, Tennessee


Our team is expertly trained in all facets of junk removal! Our trucks are some of the largest in the industry and can handle jobs ranging from single-item pickup (such as a faulty fridge) to complete multi-story home and commercial property cleanouts!
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We are always ready for the job; we can handle any load, whether residential or commercial properties. HAULED OFF has been helping keep Clarksville clutter free since 2014. If you are tired of no-shows, unanswered and unreturned calls, and unprofessional and dishonest people, give us a shout! There’s no place for any of that nonsense at Hauled Off. We want to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible.



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